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Perspective is Key

How many times have you thought to yourself: "I could never do that"? That was a daily mantra for me, especially when it came to exercise. I know I hate cardio, but I thought I also couldn't ever do a cardio based workout program. I would tell myself "who does that?", "I could never do that and sweat every day", "this is ridiculous. I am not fit enough." And therein lies the problem! You WON'T accomplish any of your goals with negative thoughts and energy. It just won't happen. You are your worst enemy.

I started doing Insanity Max 30 with Ryan a few months ago. And if you've read my blog posts or follow us on Facebook, you'll know that I an NOT a cardio junkie, let alone a workout person. So this was a HUGE challenge for me. I thought to myself when I started it that I wouldn't last a week. What a horrible mindset I was in. I was setting myself up to fail. So after surviving my first week, I started to think to myself that maybe I could do this, if I just put my mind to it. So I changed my mindset from I can't to I will!

Today, Ryan and I finished our 60 day Insanity program! I am so proud of myself for not quitting and for continuing even though it was the hardest exercising I've ever done! I will be real with you though...this program was not completed in 60 days for us. We did it in 9 weeks instead of 8. We took a week off for vacation and we had a few extra rest days here and there. But we stuck to it and we finished the program! May not be what the trainer wanted, but we did what we could do and didn't give up! That's the most important thing! DON'T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

You are worth it!

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that changing your perspective on exercise (or anything you want changed in your life) is easy, cause it's not. You have to WANT the change in order to achieve it. You can't hope it will happen and half-ass your way through, then wonder why it didn't work out. I have a very negative perspective on life and especially on my self image in general so it was extremely hard to wake up every day and tell myself I could do that cardio workout and that I was worth it. But then a crazy thing happened for me. I started to actually BELIEVE myself and that I COULD do the program and finish it. I realized that sweating (although I hate it) meant that I had pushed myself harder and further than I ever had! I came out on top, just by changing my perspective on what I was capable of doing! This allowed me to complete a program I NEVER would have done even one workout from in the past. How crazy is that?

You are capable of so much more than you think you are. You just have to change how you see yourself. Perspective is KEY! If you perceive yourself to be incapable of achieving something, then you won't ever reach your goal. This sounds silly, I know. For a long time, I thought the people who spouted nonsense about self image and having a positive mindset were crazy! But now I can say I'm a believer. I changed how I saw myself and my perceived limitations and I broke through them! All by changing my perception and mindset! I know that if you want something bad enough and you start believing in yourself and give your mind positive encouragement, you can achieve anything!

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