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About Us

Ryan Berry & Tamara Hollinger

Our goal is to help everyone live a healthy, happy, and fullfilling life through fitness, nutrition, laughs, and animal cuddles.  We want you to feel amazing about yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Ryan and Tamara met in high school and became friends. Despite Ryan's advances, we didn't end up dating until first year university.  We have been together ever since and will be celebrating 10 years of marriage and 18 years of life together.  We are avid travelers, movie junkies, animal lovers, love the outdoors, and are parents to 2 beautiful fur babies.  


Ryan started his fitness journey with Beachbody because he was overweight and had health problems.  Sleep apnea, snoring and joint problems were just some of the health complications he was suffering from because he was overweight.  In 2014, he signed up as a Beachbody coach to help decrease the cost of his orders, but quickly realized his passion for helping others and sharing his fitness journey.  Since then, he has been a mentor to a team of coaches striving to help others reach their health and fitness goals while building a financially successful buisness for themselves. 


Tamara was extremely resistent to the idea of Beachbody and working out.  It took her 2 years to decide on her own that her health was important.  She has scoliosis and had severe back pain.  Since she commited to a healthier lifestyle, her back pain has significantly decreased and she is invested in helping others feel better and enjoy their life with loved ones.


Check out our blog for more details on our life/transformations/health/fitness/nutrition and more!

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