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Want to lose 5 - 15 lbs this May?

Spring break, Easter, Passover, holidays in general are tough! But we want to help you get things back on track before the Summer! Starting Monday, We are launching a private weight loss group and you need to sign up! Here’s how it works:

- Join Ryan & Tamara in the ultimate accountability group. Nutrition only, no exercise required. Ryan is certified in this nutrition program, and you'll have direct access to a Registered Nutritionist who is one of the best in the world at helping people lose weight without restrictions!

-It’s totally doable. If you weigh 130- 250 pounds, that’s only 5-10 pounds in 4 weeks. Completely healthy and realistic.

- It’s the perfect opportunity to lose those stubborn icky pounds and break that plateau that’s been bugging you.

- And don’t worry it’s a private platform. You’ll need to prove your results but you’ll do so via a secure and confidential process.

- If you lose the weight, you get your money back plus you’ll get a piece of the winning pool. So you can pledge $35 and maybe lose 10 pounds and get $50 back in the process, you never know.

As an added bonus, Ryan & Tamara are throwing in $30 per client of theirs who joins to add to a second pot, exclusive to their clients who join. So you could win up to another $300!

How to join:

- Get your 2B mindset kit here:

- Message Ryan or Tamara that you are in and you will get added to their daily check in group.

- once you have you 2B kit ordered, Go to and pledge $35 that starting April 29, you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. - Plus once you sign up at you will see an ongoing chat where Ilana will be able to coach our group! She is going to be posting exclusive motivational tips, recipes, ideas and notes so you’ll legit have her and Ryan & Tamara as your coaches! - The official bet period starts April 29, you can sign up now to get revved up. - Plus to make it even more exciting and engaging, Ilana is launching an additional contest:

The top 4 people who get the most people to join in on the bet are going to win a free 30 minute private video consultation with Ilana that’s valued at $195. - This is open worldwide which is exciting! - Seriously get your friends and family in every state and country to sign up. That way, you’ll ensure you’re hitting your weight loss goal, and getting your prize money at the same time. - Sign up today and pass around the link to this page to at least 5 people. The bigger the group the better the results and we really want to get 5000 people to join in!! - No one loves weight loss more than we do and we're so excited to be teaming up with Ilana to have fun with you this May, dropping pounds just in time for the summer kickoff!!

Check out the results that this program has given so many clients!

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