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Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi all! Welcome to our first blog. There will be lots to follow, but we just wanted to say thanks for visiting our new site and we hope to be in touch with all of you. I've never written a blog before so please be patient and if you have any suggestions please let me know!! I would love the feedback. My life has always been dedicated to helping animals. I am an avid animal lover, but I am super excited to also be a part of helping others with their health, fitness, and nutrition. Ryan and I found out today that a high school friend of ours passed away suddenly and we were reminded of how short life is. There is no guarantee that we will wake up tomorrow. All we can do is live our lives to the fullest and that is why Ryan and I are doing what we love. If today is my last day on earth, then I want to know that I've made a difference and that I have left a small part of me behind. I can't wait to post more and help Ryan in our mission to help others in any way possible! Hug your loved ones today.

In memory of Jay Willis

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