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  • Ryan Berry

How to increase your body confidence

We hear from people everyday who are unsatisfied with their bodies. They want smaller thighs, they want bigger booties, they want a flatter stomach... we could go on.

While we are all for working towards your goals and building your ideal body, here's a few tips to help you with your body confidence!

If you've ever searched for "how to lose cellulite", "How to get a flat stomach", "How to lose fat", then you MUST REALISE, you are totally NORMAL!

This is tip #1 : You're not an oddity, you are like most people! So many people struggle with this. You feel like so many things would be better if you had a 'better' body. We're here to tell you, your body doesn't define you, your value, worth or importance.

Tip #2: You are your best coach! We are able to talk to ourselves at about 300 - 1000 words per minute! Think about this. If you fill that self talk with positive, loving, and supporting thoughts, then you'll be happier with yourself, and more likely to get more physical results as well. Try this: Instead of saying 'I can't', try 'I currently struggle with'. Instead of saying ' there's no point' try saying ' every little effort gets me closer to my goal'. By turning the self talk around from a negative to a positive, you will love yourself even more! You might not believe them (at first), but you have to practice saying them.

Tip #3: Realise the truth!: When you have a moment of "Oh I feel good, I look good, the scale is lower, etc" celebrate that instead of finding a reason it's not true. Instead of saying oh the scale is off, or the mirror is slimming, or ... etc, say, I deserve to feel good, I worked to feel good. The truth is, your worth is determined by who you are, and what you do, not by your fat %. There are super mean people with no self-worth who have low body fat %. So treat others and YOURSELF with respect and recognise that it's OK to feel good and not find a reason for it to be false.

This is some of the things that our clients are learning and finding out about themselves in our Endless Potential Project. It's a free group with weekly activities to help you grow you mind and body to live the life you want to live! Request to join here.

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